Chaos Scar

26. The Burning Sea

3/28/11: Who likes short shorts?

Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Human Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Tornam - Dwarf Cleric

The heroes knew that Warduke had the Moonstone - a piece of the chaos meteor that could in theory control time and space. Lord Drysdale had urged the heroes to retrieve it. The adventurers hacked their way into Warduke's lair, and had slain many of his minions - including rust monsters and slimes. Eldeth's prized magic axe had been reduced to residuum. But the heroes pressed on toward the final room, determined to defeat Warduke and to take the moonstone from him.

They made their way to a hallway. Hirbe took a careful look around, and realized a trap was set in the floor up ahead. Merric found a trap. It was designed to slice into the victim's feet and ring a bell to alarm those beyond. Eldeth came over to take a look. She teamed up with Merric to expertly disabled the trap. The heroes were able to pass by safely.

The heroes burst into the final room, gaining surprise on those beyond. But Warduke was not there. Instead, his right hand man Foosteth the fat (a bugbear) lurked along with other bugbears and wolves. Tornam charged Foosteth. Merric followed up, stabbing him twice and bloodying him.  Hirbe fired off a massive fire spell, killing a bugbear.

Artemis charged a wolf. Eldeth sliced Foosteth. The bugbears roared and fought back. A bugbear began to strangle Eldeth with wire. His pet wolf bit her. The other wolf bit Artemis. Artemis plunged her blade into the wolf, killing it. Hirbe cast beguiling strands, sending the other wolf hurtling into a wall, crushing its' bones and killing it.

Tornam continued to pummel Foosteth, and killed him. Eldeth slipped out of the choke, and said "I don't like men who play rough", turned, and cut him in half. 

Norkers burst into the room from a curtain bisecting the room. They raised their axes and chopped Artemis and Hirbe. Merric sat on Foosteth's throne and observed the battle. Artemis cut down a bugbear, and Hirbe killed the final four enemies with a huge beguiling strands. 

The heroes looted the place. No moonstone. There was gold and magic, though. As they rested and looked over what they found, a new enemy burst into the room - Warduke! He held the moonstone aloft and cackled. "Now I'll send you away for good!" he shouted. But he had not mastered the power of the moonstone. He tried to send the heroes to another plane... but he went with them!

The heroes and Warduke fell sideways through the Prime Material Plane, and landed in the Feywild! But they were in a special section of the Feywild. It was the prison of the primordial that Olek Dael the Runecutter sought to free - Hoshotath the Burning Sea! The heroes fell on a chunk of rock floating in a red, fiery sea. Warduke landed on another mote nearby.

Warduke cursedand yelled to the heroes, "What did you do this?!"

They yelled back in unison, "What did you do?!"

 The heroes shouted to him and mocked him, but the conversation was cut short. From the burning sea rose fire elementals who attacked both the heroes and Warduke!

Magma elementals dropped fiery explosions on the heroes, injuring them greatly. 

Hirbe shouted to Warduke, "Throw me the moonstone and I'll figure out how to use it!". Warduke wanted no part of that idea, and swung his sword into a huge fire elemental. 

A fire blast dropped Eldeth.  Another magma explosion went off, dropping Artemis. Tornam used his magic to heal Eldeth.

Warduke shouted to the heroes to swear fealty to him, and he'd work with them. The heroes refused. 

The heroes were dying. The magma elementals' attack was overwhelming. They were in desperate need of aid. Merric gripped his symbol of Zev, and uttered a prayer. A healer of Zev appeared who immediately used his healing powers to heal Hirbe's wounds and to heal Artemis.

Hirbe gripped his symbol of Clarissa and prayed to her. Clarissa blessed him with her fire pulse power (useless against fire creatures) and protection from fire! Hirbe's hair became fiery like Clarissa's as well. 

Merric mocked the nearly useless boon, noting his god had sent a healer. Gloomhandler flew a potion over to Artemis, mocking her. Eldeth also called upon Clarissa. Her hair caught fire too, and she also gained protection from fire. 

Tornam cut down an elemental. Artemis killed another. The heroes rallied and finished off their foes. They watched as Warduke defeated the giant elemental on his mote. 

From the shore, the heroes saw a black-haired eladrin get in a boat and row to them. He called out that he was a guardian and meant them no harm. He wondered aloud how they'd gotten here. His name was Praelias. The heroes warned him not to pick up Warduke. Warduke was enraged.

Praelias was a trusting sort, and wanted to rescue the stranded warrior as well. But the heroes convinced Pralias that it was not a good idea.

Warduke, furious, dove into the burning sea and swam towards them! Praelias, alarmed, rowed the heroes back to shore. The sea was killing Warduke. He got back to his mote and was attacked by more elementals. The heroes weren't certain of his final fate.

Praelias took the heroes from the beach up to the grassy area beyond and explained that his job was to watch a place called the Garden of Graves, as well as the Burning Sea. The Burning Sea, a primordial, was kept inert by a series of runes carved in rocks that jutted up from the Burning Sea. The runes had been being drained recently (from the runecutter back in the Chaos Scar. The runecutter was draining power from the runes for his own nefarious purposes).

The adventurers were seemingly stuck in the Feywild. They decided to rest. Praelias thought he knew of a way for the heroes to get home...