Chaos Scar

28. The Runecutter's Ambush


Artemis - Half Elf Swordmage
Hirbe - Human Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Ozzirth - A mage?

The heroes used a magic temple of Zehir in the Feywild to return to the world of Nyrod. the heroes used their blood to connect the symbol of the Feywild (a tree) to the symbol of the world (a circle). The temple shifted into The Chaos Scar, not far at all from the Keep on the Borderlands.

The adventurers returned to the Keep and met with Lord Drysdale, telling him what had happened. Lord Drysdale was most impressed, and worried that Warduke did not die in the Feywild. 

Artemis wished to join the church of Clarissa. In order to join, it was customary to fight a duel with a member of the church. Lord Drysdale smiled, and rose from his throne. He decided he himself would duel Artemis!

The soldiers and adventurers cheered and wondered who would draw blood first and win. The duel was short. Drysdale won. Drysdale patted her on the shoulder, and said she could join anyway. He felt in time, she would be the superior sword master. The soldiers gathered around and cheered for Artemis - new servant of Clarissa, Goddess of Fire and Battle.

irbe met with the Mages of Saruun. He decided to join them. He was given a silver mask and blue robes. He was told the secret of the mages - they took turns being "Citirian", the guild leader. That way, the leader of the guild could never truly be killed, and the guild could never be brought down by in-fighting. 

The heroes rested. hey were now given rooms in the actual keep. They no longer had to stay in the lone inn - The Stumbling Giant. The adventurers accepted the offer and slept in the keep, healing their crocodile bites.

The next day, word came down that a boy with a glowing rune on his hand was at The Stumbling Giant, and wished to speak with the heroes.The adventurers headed there. The boy greeted them. His name was Tavitz Patrella. He claimed to be a courier for Olek Dael, The runecutter. He proceeded to draw a magic circle on the floor of the inn. 

The circle sparked to life, and in it it appeared a spectral image of The Runecutter. The unecutter said that the Chaos Scar was a deadly place, a place of anarchy. He wanted to bring order to it. He said that he'd found magic runes that he could drain the power from. With that power, he could eventually summon a creature powerful enough to rule all of the creatures of the Scar and bring order and civilization.

The heroes told Olek that by draining the runes, he was risking freeing the primordial from its' feywild prison. Hoshotath the burning sea would destroy the entire scar should the runes be drained of the power.

Olek felt the heroes were ignorant. He believed that as long as he left a sliver of power, the prison remained intact. And anyway, he said, the dragon he was going to summon could easily take care of the primordial.

Olek asked to meet the heroes at a neutral site. He wanted to see if he could come to an agreement with them. some of the heroes quietly hoped that they could get a rune like the one Tavitz had. Olek said he had heard of a neutral entity known as the Winter King who could be a fair moderator. The heroes agreed, sensing a trap.

Tavitz led the heroes into the Chaos Scar and to the winter Kings frozen cave. The area around the cave was cursed to alway snow. The heroes entered the cave... and the mouth of the cave was suddenly covered in a huge sheet of ice. They were trapped!

They crept inward, and found rooms full of icy creaqtures who were ready to kill them!

One room held a woman called the Winter Queen, who ruled zombies. Hirbe blasted them with a burning hands spell. Artemis beheaded a zombie. Merric killed another. Her owl familiar was a vicious opponent. It dropped Artemis with a snap of its' beak. Ozzirth killed it with a spell.

Having killed the queen, her spirit removed an ice wall that let the heroes pass further in to the dungeon. Waiting them were dwarves. And in a pit nearby was a massive otyugh!

The otyugh dragged Merric into the pit and quickly knocked him unconscious. Ozzirth was also dragged in. Merric came to, and tried to climb out as the heroes battled the dwarves. But a tentacle shot out and dragge dMerric back in the pit. 

A dwarf knocked Hirbe's mask of Saruun off. irbe said: "you've seen my face - now you must die!". He killed the dwarf.

The heroes eventually finished off the dwarves, and the otyigh was killed with a magic missile from Hirbe. 

With the otyugh dead, a shard of its' spirit melted the ice wall that had blocked entrance to the Winter King's throne room. The heroes prepared for what would be a deadly battle....