Chaos Scar

27. The Temple of Zehir

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Artemis - Half Elf Swordmage
Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Human Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Tornam - Dwarf Warpriest


Warduke had sent the heroes (and himself) to the Feywild. They appeared on rocks floating on an inert primordial - Hoshotath the Burning Sea. The heroes were rescued by a black-haired Eladrin called Praelias.

Praelias was in charge of looking after Hoshotath as well as a place called the Garden of Graves. He brought the heroes to a lean-to and watched over them as they rested and healed their wounds. He fed them bowls of luminescent berries.

When they were rested, he told them he knew of a temple that could travel between the Feywild and the heroes' world of Nyrod. He pulled out a pan flute and played a short song. A unicorn appeared in the distance. Praelius said that the unicorn could lead the heroes to the temple.

The adventurers approached the unicorn. Both Tornam and Artemis tried to touch the unicorn, but were deemed unworthy by the pure creature. It galloped off into the woods. The heroes followed.

They passed through a field of fireflies, and made their way through a grove inhabited by cherubs. The cherubs had little arrows with heart tips. They offered to make the heroes fall in love by shooting them. Merric angrily knocked one out and the heroes got of there. 

Then they were led to a swamp where an old temple bearing the symbol of Zehir was partially sunken. The heroes would soon learn that their old enemy Benwick had been taught spells here before waging war on the Keep on the Borderlands.

The heroes crept inside, and spotted a dozen temple soldiers practicing maneuvers. Hirbe decided to pretend that they were new recruits. He boldly walked in and lied to the temple guards. The guards, who were none too swift, believed the heroes and welcomed them. The guards headed outside to continue their practice. 

The adventurers moved on to the next room. In the far end was a pool of water. loser were pillars, with guardian snakes wrapped around them. Two fire snakes lurked as well. these creatures could not be duped. They attacked!

Hirbe cast a fountain of flame spell that devastated the constrictors on the pillars (a critical). Eldeth finished off a constrictor and charged a fire snake. She was hit with some fire bolts. Tornam quickly healed her with a spell. Merric stabbed the other constrictor. 

Eldeth pummeled a fire snake, killing it. Hirbe used beguiling strands to send the remaining constrictor off its' pillar, and killed it. Tornam smothered the last fire snake to death.

The heroes then gathered around the pool of swamp water. It appeared that there was simply a hole in the floor, and one could dive in and swim around the swamp below. Hirbe, a bit of an impulsive fellow, dove in. He then swam down and found himself face-to-face with a fifteen-foot-long crocodile! The croc bit at him,and luckily he avoided it. Hirbe swam up and out, re-joining his friends.

The heroes entered the third and last room of the temple. The head priest was there, along with a bunch of acolytes. Apparently, they worshiped the huge crocodile as a kind of totem animal that could deliver messages from Zehir.

The room had swamp water in it, which leaked in from the swamp beneath. The crocodile swam up and attacked the heroes as they tried to bluff the head priest. 

Hirbe cast a fireball spell that killed three acolytes. The head priest cast a spell called coils of despair, which held the heroes in place, and allowed the crocodile to close in on them. Eldeth broke free of the spell. The croc bit her, and tail whipped her. Artemis used a teleport spell to switch places with Eldeth. The dwarf was now out of danger, but the swordmage was in it. 

The coil spell was cast again, and the heroes were stuck, at the mercy of the crocodile. Merric slipped free and plunged his dagger into the back of the croc, blood spraying out of the wound.

An acolyte raced up to Hirbe, wielding his scimitar menacingly. Hirbe attempted to intimidate the acolyte by licking his sword. He licked it and said "Yum!". Unfortunately, the sword was covered in poison! Hirbe hacked and coughed. The acolyte was bewildered, and wanted nothing to do with the mage.

Eldeth broke free of the coils and was bit again. She finished off the croc, and then the heroes made short work of the priest.

They found a dais with a magic inscription on it. It seemed to be able to make the temple shift into other places. To activate it, one had to put some of their blood into a circular groove on the dais until the blood reached from one symbol to another. Each place was represented by a symbol:

A Tree: The Feywild.
A Circle
: The world of Nyrod?
A Star
: The heroes were unsure as to what the star represented, and have yet to give it a try....

The adventurers pondered which one to activate.....