Chaos Scar

29. Warduke's Return

4/18/11: I was getting sick at this point due to the change in weather. I'm writing this a month after I ran it, and from what I can tell, there was one whole session where the heroes fought the winter king and in the next they fought Warduke. Unfortunately, I don't have the winter king notes, So I'm merging them into one summary. It was a major battle, but the heroes persevered..

Zach ate ravioli from a can. Cold. 

Artemis - Half Elf Swordmage
Hirbe - Human Mage
Merric - Halfling Thief
Ozzirth - A mage?
Ragnarok - Dragonborn Fighter
Rys - Halfling Thief

The heroes burst in to the Winter King's throne room. The giant icy undead thing told the heroes what they already knew - The runecutter had set them up. There would be no meeting. The Winter King was offered power in the Runecutter's new kingdom that would replace the Chaos Scar if he should kill off the heroes.

The winter King was a great warrior, and he fought viciously. The heroes battled back, and though some of them almost turned to ice, they defeated the King. When he died, the ice wall blocking the cave entrance melted. The heroes looted his treasure, and made their way back to the keep.

The heroes spent a few weeks taking care of personal business. Lord Drysdale continued to wonder if they'd seen the last of Warduke. The heroes began to have strange, conflicting memories. They couldn't remember if when they attacked Warduke's lair, it was empty, or full of monsters. (It was full of monsters. Their memories were fading, because Warduke had escaped the Feywild and went back in time. He gathered up all his minions before the heroes killed them, and brought them to the present, creating a paradox and a split timeline. The paradox was messing with the heroes' memories)

Hirbe and Tornam headed to the other church of Clarissa in the chaos Scar (the one they had gotten the necroshard from). They went about fixing it up and re-consecrating it with the help of some of Elessan's acolytes. They fixed up the altar in the basement, ridding it of Obox-Ob's taint. They repaired the walls and put in fresh holy objects.

Creatures called Nightshades, who looked like a hybrid between dwarves and trees, investigated the church and attacked! They entangled Hirbe in vines and stabbe dhim with their bronze spears. Another whomped on Hirbe with its' bo staff. Hirbe freed himself and destroyed the creatures. 

Chendera and Nightkeeper called Merric and Ozzirth to the church. Ozzirth had recently converted to Zev, and had been given an imp called Fogjerker. She told them that Witchburn, a Dark Angel of Zev had come and wanted to take the pair to the holy city of Argent to be trained further in the ways of Zev. 

Witchburn teleported them to Argent, the eternal city of night. There, they were tested. Failure meant whipping. They were tested on religious knowledge, the ability to manipulate others, and the ability to discern value of items.There were numerous whippings. Merric took them in stride. Ozzirth began to badmouth Witchburn. Witchburn responded. Ozzirth, as he was wwhipped, gave him middle fingers.

Witchburn ordered others to hold Ozzirth's hands out. He cut them clean off with his sword. Then he plunged Ozzirth's implemen into the bloody stump. Soon after, Zev himself would banish Ozzirth from the religion and take fogjerker away.

Their final task was to go to Waterdeep in the forgotten Realms. There, they were to assassinate a rogue priest trying to resurrect Shar (the goddess Zev betrayed, killed, and replaced). The priest was protected by a church of Sehanine (a goddess who was Shar's sister). It didn't go well. Merric inadvertantly alerted the guards and had trouble killing his victim. Ozzirth was no beteer. The pair ended up fighting guards and finally killed the priest, and jumped through the portal that brought them home.

Rys and Eldeth went on an adventure with Doran. They hoped to accumulate enough treasure to resurrect his cousins - the twin thieves Doran referred to as his "daggers". 

They climbed down a cliff, which led to a lair. As they climbed, goblins fired arrows at them and then giant spiders climbed up and attacked! They fought off the spiders and dropped into the goblin lair. They slaughtered the goblins and indeed found enough gold to resurrect Doran's cousins.

A few weeks after battling the winter King, the heroes returned from their various missions and regrouped in the keep. Not long after, Warduke was spotted riding toward the keep with his minions that he had snatched from time - goblin wolf riders, slimes and rust monsters!

Warduke, riding a nightmare (a flying black horse with fire hooves) demanded that Lord Drysdale emerge from the keep to finish their dispute once and for all.

Lord Drysdale ignored the pleas of his allies, and stepped out into the grassy field beyond the walls of Restwell Keep. Doran, his daggers, and the heroes accompanied him. 

Warduke said "I want to thank you for this moonstone! This is worth more than Olek Dael the Runecutter could ever pay me! Once I master its' powers, I can do whatever I want!"

The heroes mocked Warduke, pointing out the last time he used it, he sent himself on top of the Burning Sea.

Warduke snarled and order his minions to attack. The heroes battled the wolf-riders and easily beat them. Annoyed, Warduke held the moonstone aloft and sent the heroes back in time. He sent them to a place he was sure they could not escape from - the place that Warduke had betrayed Lord Drysdale.

The heroes appeared in the lair of a necromancer. A young Drysdale was in a cage, injured. Hirbe raced over and freed Drysdale as the heroes engaged the necromancer's goblins and skeletons. Drysdale explained that he and his friend Warduke had gone to kill the necromancer, who was plaguing a local town. But the necromancer offered Warduke piles of gold turn turn of Drysdale and leave, Warduke had accepted!

Hirbe kept Drysdale safe as the heroes battled and defeated the skeletons and the goblins. Once the necromancer was slain, the heroes re-appeared in the fields outside Restwell Keep.

When they returned, they saw that the daggers andDrysdale had killed the lsimes and the rust monster. But warduke had used a power in one of his helmet's gems to cause Doran and his daggers to run in fear due to magic.

Drysdale and Warduke dueled alone, and Warduke had cut him down. Drysdale was dying.

Warduke tried to use his fear gaze on the heroes, but they resisted. Tornam used his magic to heal Drysdale. Eldeth unloaded on Warduke, doing massive damage (a critical with a daily for 61 points!).  The heroes bloodied Warduke, and decided to take off his helmet. What they didn't know was that the inside of the helmet had spikes that stuck into Warduke's face. So pulling it off was very difficult, and painful for Warduke. He fought back, but finally the heroestore it off - along with much of Warduke's face!

He was a bloody mess. He screamed and fell to the ground. Drysdale ordered that Warduke be imprisoned, not killed.

The heroes had won! They decided to try and cleanse the helmet of Warduke from Obox-Ob's evil taint....