Chaos Scar

34. Hoshotath

6/13/11: John, who played Galasis in Scales of War, jumped in as the Call of Cthulhu game had 7 players in it. He ran Ren, Brendan's character from John's Saturday game.

Eldeth - Dwarf Slayer
Hirbe - Human Mage
Kettenbar - Wilden Monk
Merric - Halfling Thief
Ren - Gnome Battlemind
Tornam - Dwarf Cleric

The adventurers had finally found the cure for Obox-Ob's poison that had infected Elessan. They retrieved him and put him in the pool of healing, and it worked. He'd need days to recover, but he would survive and soon be back to normal. 

Once that was all taken care of, Bolios Whittish had them come on board the Head in the Clouds so they could fly over the Chaos Scar and search about for signs of The Runecutter, who was draining the protective runes scattered about for his own purposes.

They spotted the Runecutter's errand boy, Tavis. He had a rune inscribed on him that allowed him to run incredibly fast. The head landed and the heroes met Tavis at his hut. Tavis told the heroes he was concerned - the Runecutter was doing some kind of ritual, and it looked dangerous. Tavis had lost faith in the Runecutter. He gave them directions to the Runecutter's secret library. It was close to the actual chaos meteor...

The adventurers flew close, then landed and walked. They came upon a small bridge that crossed a stream. Rune statues were near. Kettenbar noticed someone hiding - a medusa! He quietly began to sketch her, and clued the heroes in on what he'd seen.

Suddenly, the medusa kissed a nearby statue, and it became a living tiefling! And the four rune statues nearby animated and attacked..

Kettenbar knocked one into the shallow steam. The medusa took aim and fired an arrow into Tornam. Hirbe respond by casting a lightning bolt at the medusa. The tiefling teleported to the road and shot a beam at Kettenbar, and teleported him next to the medusa. She looked upon him, and he began to turn to stone!The snakes in her hair bit at him for good measure. Kettenbar shook off the stone effect. Kettenbar punched her in the mouth, bloodying her. Then he raced over and attacked the tiefling, bloodying him. But the medusa's curse overcame him! Kettenbar turned to stone!

Eldeth tried to charge past the statues to get at the tiefling, but the statues knocked her to the ground and pummeled her.  Merric slashed into a statue and destroyed it. It expired in a large burst of light, granting an additional rune of strength on its' allies (giving them another d12 damage! Yikes!). Two statues flanked Ren and beat him into unconsciousness. Tornam healed him with magic. She was dropped again, but her friend Tornam was ready with another heal.

Merric closed in on the medusa, who gazed upon him. The tiefling teleported the thief away from her.

The tiefling and medusa were on a ridge together. Hirbe surrounded them in a wall of fire! The medusa shrieked and burned to death. She had been granted a rune from the runecutter. When she died, it magically transferred to Tornam, giving him the ability to poison his foes.

The tiefling, partially immune to fire, stumbled through the wall and teleported Merric next to it. There were only a pair of statues left (each now doing 4d12+8 on a hit!). Hirbe used a fire spell to kill them as the heroes closed in on and disposed of the tiefling. 

They beheaded the medusa and had her head kiss Kettenbar, thus returning him to normal.

There was a ladder leading down. It lead to the Runecutter's secret library.

Olek Dael was not there. His allies were, though. They watched over his Runewell, one of the sources of his power. The runewell went in cycles, and outsiders standing on the wrong rune would be struck with radiance and teleported across the room!

The guards were two minotaurs, a gargoyle and a hobgoblin bearing a rune. Merric raced in and stabbed a minotaur. The monsters attacked him, and he was soon bloodied. Hirbe fired off a lightning bolt that crippled both minotaurs. 

Kettenbar jumped over the glyphs and killed a minotaur with a punch. Ren followed suit, jumping over to the hobgoblin. The cycle teleported Kettenbar back to Hirbe, but the heroes had little trouble defeating these denizens (time was running short and I really wanted to finish this tonight!).

Hirbe drained the water out of the runewell, diminishing the runecutter's power (draining him of an action point). Then he studied the dwarf's notes, and saw that the dwarf was likely enacting his ritual on a nearby hill. The dwarf wanted to summon and bind a dragon child of Tiamat to bring order to the Chaos Scar in the name of his god, Rundorig (the dead god of the dwarves).

The hobgoblin's rune appeared on Eldeth...

The heroes rushed out to the hill, where plinths were arranged in a circle. Olek the Runecutter and two gargoyle allies were enacting a ritual. Olek believed he was summoning a dragon... but in actuality, he was freeing Hoshotath the Burning Sea from its' prison in the feywild! As the heroes approached, they could see Hoshotath forming above the site, as a creature made of blue clouds and orange lighting. It had two long, clawed hands and watery tendrils. The heroes even glimpsed an evil grin, as the creature grew more tangible by the moment!

As the heroes approached, the Runecutter swore that he'd finish them for good. Ren shouted out that Olek was a fool.

Merric raced up the hill and was rebuffed by the gargoyles and the Runecutter. He was bloodied an dnearly dead. Ren raced close and used his power to drag Olek out from the circle. Hirbe then dropped a fireball which scorched the gargoyles. Eldeth sliced into Olek. 

Tornam healed Merric, who then stabbed and killed a gargoyle. Hirbe hit Olek with a lightning bolt spell. Olek used his mastery of runes to take control of Kettenbar and Eldeth and force them to attack each other (they both missed, heh heh). 

Ren stabbed and bloodied the Runecutter. Suddenly, Hoshotath reached down and slashed everyone with its' massive ten foot wide claw, shattering a pillar. Then, it used a watery tendril to squeeze and shatter another plinth. Olek Dael looked up, baffled. He asked "Rundorig" what he was doing...

Hirbe realized that if Hoshotath destroyed all of the rune plinths, it would be free of its' prison completely! Hirbe focused, trying to magically banish one rune to a crystal further in the Chaos Scar. He succeeded as his allies cut down Olek Dael as water and fire elementals dropped from the sky. Before they could act in the name of Hoshototh, the rune transference was complete! Hoshotath was sucked into a vortex, forced back into its' Feywild prison.

The heroes breathed a sigh of relief, and healed their wounds. They'd saved the Chaos Scar and perhaps the World of Nyrod from a rampaging primordial. In the distance, they saw the Chaos meteor, and a strange, small woman floating in front of it. She seemed to be beckoning to them...